Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Investigations (URSCI)


Research, scholarship and creative investigations are the highlight of any students education. The pursuit of research gives students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member or mentor and dive deeper into ones discipline or area of interest. The URSCI Director and URSCI Committee at Dominican are here to enable undergraduate students to start working on research. We also provide financial support to students who need funds to conduct or present their research, give scholarships to students who want to conduct research over the summer, and sponsor several research assistantships. 

Each year, we also hold a day-long event, the URSCI EXPO. This event has become a highlight of Dominican’s academic year. The next URSCI EXPO will take place on April 4, 2018. THE URSCI EXPO is held in conjunction with the Global Learning Symposium. Read more on the Expo, resources, and past events.          

If you have any questions about  hot get started with undergraduate research, how to get support for your research or the URSCI EXPO, please contact: Professor and URSCI Director - Marion Weedermann


What is the URSCI Expo?

The URSCI Expo is a daylong showcase of Dominican University undergraduate students’ distinctive and independent research, scholarship and creative investigations.  These presentations have been gathered from students who have received Undergraduate Research Support Awards, gained funding as Summer Scholars, completed Degree with Distinction Projects in the Honors Program, or have received faculty support and notice for other strong academic work. The 2017-18 Expo will be held on April 4, 2017, in Parmer Hall.  Read more on the Expo, resources, and past events.

If you have any questions about the URSCI Expo, please contact: Professor and URSCI Director - Marion Weedermann


What is the Global Learning Symposium?

GLS is a public opportunity for students to share experiences that have shaped their global understanding.  We welcome applications from students who have achieved those insights as international students, through studying abroad, or by working across cultural divides at home through community-based service or immigration experiences.

For questions regarding the Global Learning Symposium, please contact: AEC Executive Director - Paul Simpson