Counseling Services

Counseling Services are an important component of creating a healthy, well campus for students. The Wellness Center offers individual counseling services to help students succeed in and enjoy their Dominican University experience! The counseling staff is part of an interdisciplinary team of licensed health professionals and graduate interns who work together to support optimal health and well-being.

Counseling Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Stress management from basic support to intensive intervention
  • Supportive and preventive counseling to help students avoid serious mental health problems
  • Screening for anxiety and depression, addiction problems and other mental health concerns
  • Counseling and psychotherapy to treat students with more serious needs
  • Support for establishing healthy relationships and self esteem
  • Support groups and workshops
  • Referrals to a community-wide network of professional support and mental health services
  • Psycho-educational support
  • Whole health care: body, mind and spirit
  • Medication management with consulting psychiatrists and specialized nurse practitioners

There is no fee for counseling services for Dominican University students. Call before you are overwhelmed.

Call the Wellness Center at 708-524-6229 to request an appointment or return a call from a staff member. 

The counseling staff reminds students and any individual sending emails, that email communication is not secure, thus confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Discretion is advised and recommended when sending sensitive information.

Confidentiality at the Wellness Center: Your privacy is valued.

All Wellness Center health records are confidential and maintained separately from other university records. They are not a part of permanent student records.

Administrators, professors, residence hall staff, parents, friends and roommates cannot obtain information about a student or a student's counseling or health record except in the case of an emergency determined to threaten harm to the student client or others.

Students who choose to verify to others on campus that they have seen a caregiver at the Wellness Center are encouraged to request a “walkout receipt”. Students who request Wellness Center staff to speak with anyone regarding their care are required to provide a written release of information that includes a witness signature.

To provide students with the highest quality, comprehensive care, the Wellness Center staff consults with each other and maintains consultative relationships with external service providers such as consulting physicians and psychiatrists who are required to maintain the same standard for confidentiality.

Wellness Center providers often advise others in the university community about managing relationships with students in general but will never disclose information about a student without written permission except in an emergency.

To release private health information please fill out the
Release of Health Information Form

Wellness Room

Located within the Wellness Center is a new Wellness Room. The Wellness Room is a beautiful, quiet place for comfort and healing, stress relief, private relaxation, meditation, self-care and alternative wellness support. The Wellness Room features a light therapy box for students experiencing seasonal affective disorder (winter blues); relaxation music; and a comfortable, quiet, calm space for solitary healing or reflection.

Call (708) 524-6229 to reserve time in the Wellness Room.