Wellness Clinic

The skilled staff of the health clinic is here to help you maintain optimal health and recover quickly from illness. Robin Shinall, APN, is our full-time advanced nurse practitioner providing a full range of ambulatory health care, including lab services in collaboration with Rush Oak Park Hospital and James Baraglia, M.D.

In addition, the Wellness Center staff is here to help students comply with state requirements for immunizations. Call us with questions about immunizations and compliance rules. Dominican also requires all students to provide a health history with their immunization record. This allows us to properly plan for and deliver high quality health care services at any point of need. 

Health clinic services include but are not limited to:

  • Immunizations and immunization titres
  • Assessment of health concerns, patient education and wellness support
  • Diagnosis and treatment of coughs, sore throats, colds and flu, injuries
  • Chronic disease management - e.g. asthma, diabetes
  • Supportive and preventive health education
  • Screening for mononucleosis, strep, STDs, anxiety and depression, addictions and other health concerns
  • Travel exams and immunizations
  • Reproductive health care, education, support and exams
  • Referrals to a community-wide network of professional health services
  • Preventive medicine
  • Treatment and medication management for students with ongoing conditions
  • Physicals

Confidentiality at the Wellness Center: Your privacy is valued

All Wellness Center health records are confidential and maintained separately from other university records. They are not a part of permanent student records.

Administrators, professors, residence hall staff, parents, friends and roommates cannot obtain information about a student or a student's counseling or health record except in the case of an emergency determined to threaten harm to the student client or others.

Students who choose to verify to others on campus that they have seen a counselor at the Wellness Center, are encouraged to request a “walkout receipt”.  Students who request Wellness Center staff to speak with anyone regarding the individual consultations and ongoing work, are required to provide a written release of information that includes a witness signature.

To provide students with the highest quality, comprehensive care, the Wellness Center staff consults with each other and maintains consultative relationships with external service providers who are required to maintain the same standard for confidentiality.

Wellness Center external service providers often advise others in the university community about managing relationships with students in general but will never disclose information about a student without written permission except in an emergency.

To release private health information please fill out the
Release of Health Information Form