Current Students


Living on campus is a unique opportunity to form new friendships and build strong ties with residents. Regardless of their origins and backgrounds, students are drawn together by their shared experiences in residential living.

Living on campus is not only a great time, but students who live on campus do better in classes and are all around more adjusted at the end of college. Living on campus is quite affordable and our residential communities offer you many options to choose from. This page explains the application process for incoming and transfer students wanting to join the Dominican University community.

Housing Applications and Housing Contract

Housing applications are available online through MyDU, and students must be signed in to properly view the application.. Students are required to send a $200.00 deposit with their housing application. Applications with deposits are processed by date of arrival in the Office of Residence Life; therefore, students are encouraged to apply early.

Students may apply for housing at any time during the semester. However, applications are processed by the date received in the Office of Residence Life. If you are placed on a waiting list, we will notify you when a room becomes available. If a room is not available for you at the opening of the residence halls, you may request to be removed from the waitlist and may have your housing deposit returned.  The terms and conditions of the housing contract are located here.

Meal Plans

Dining Services offers a wide variety of meal plans and food options to satisfy all types of appetites. As a resident student, you will be required to purchase a meal plan as a part of your housing package. Meal plans are available in many varieties and offer flexibility for all types of students.

  • All resident students must purchase a meal plan while living on campus.
  • You can utilize your meal plan in the main dining hall or in the Cyber Cafe.
  • You may add flex dollars to your meal plan by visiting Students Accounts. Please obtain a receipt for adding value to your meal plan and then take that receipt to Dining Services, located in the "L" (old grille area).
  • Dining Services offers students a small window at the beginning of each semester to alter meal plans. If you wish to change your request, email it to

You can find more information about dining on campus at the Dominican Dining Services Site.


Resident rooms are inspected at the beginning and ending of each semester and all damages/maintenance concerns are addressed at that time. If your room requires maintenance attention at any time, you may submit a maintenance request. All immediate concerns should be directed towards the Residence Life staff at (708) 524-6217.


If you are interested in parking your car on campus or have questions related to parking/safety and security, contact Campus Safety and Security at (708) 524-6300. 

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located throughout the residence halls. The machines can be operated with quarters or credit cards.