About Residence LIfe

Through community and interactions, the Residence Life department promotes a living and learning environment that balances personal and academic growth and community well-being. We assist students in learning responsibility by holding them accountable for community standards.

Residence Life staff members are committed to helping residents create a positive living environment. Through programming and involvement in their community, students will be challenged and supported to develop their social, educational, recreational, and cultural understanding.

Commitment to Multiculturalism

The Office of Residence Life welcomes all students to the residential community. We are committed to engaging students in meaningful experiences in an open, civil, and respectful climate composed of students and staff of different genders, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, religious affiliations, races, sexual orientations, and levels of ability.

We strive for a welcoming environment where community members know each other, participate in setting guidelines under which they live, and celebrate commonalities and individual differences. We expect the residents of our community to respect and appreciate the lifestyles, values, ideas, cultures, and backgrounds of others. We believe our community must support freedom of thought and opinion in the spirit of mutual respect. All have the right to be accepted, not simply tolerated. The Office of Residence Life will not tolerate any form of bigotry, harassment, intimidation, threat, or abuse, whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied. Members of our community will be held accountable to this standard.

The Office of Residence Life is responsible for modeling respect for everyone through our actions, words, and behaviors. In the spirit of Caritas et Veritas, each of us will do our part to encourage productive interaction and relationships among the residents who live in our halls.