Dining Services

Dining Services offers a wide variety of meal plans and food options to satisfy all types of appetites. As a resident student, you will be required to purchase a meal plan as a part of your housing package. Meal plans are available in many varieties and offer flexibility for all types of students.  Commuter students can purchase DU Dollars or a Commuter Plan that works for the student on the go! 

For a complete listing of services visit: Dining Services

Where to Eat

Main Campus Dining Hall
Experience our menu concept featuring a wide variety of popular all-you-care-to-eat options.   We invite all to dine with us in the Dining Hall.  Busy Schedule?  Purchase a To-Go-Container so you do not miss a meal. Whether you are a commuter, resident, faculty or staff the Dining Hall is sure to have what you are craving:

  • Home-style comfort foods
  • Healthy options
  • Pastas and pizzas
  • Burgers, fries and grilled sandwiches
  • Fresh salad bar and made to order deli bar
  • Fresh baked goods and desserts
  • Beverage center
  • Harvest Station  - provides daily vegetarian options

Cyber Café

Located in the lower level of the Rebecca Crown Library

  • A classic style sub shop with regular and toasted subs made to order
  • Grab & Go items prepackaged meals and beverages,
  • Local provided coffee from Tradecraft that offers Starbucks, Metropolis, Stumpton, Metric and Dark Matter Coffee
  • West Town Bakery offering a wide variety of freshly made pastries, including vegan chocolate muffins
  • Weekly specials and special theme nights during the year

Residential Meal Plan

All residential meal plans are the same price and combine a set number of meals with an additional allotment of plan dollars. All prices are for the academic year - $4,524 ($2,262 a semester); allotments of meals and plan dollars are per semester. Meal plans are required for all on-campus resident students.  Students can use their meal “swipes” in the Dining Hall and in the Cyber Café as part of the meal exchange program.  Dining Dollars are similar to a declining balance and can be used in the Dining Hall and Cyber Café.  The Residential Plans expire at the end of each semester.   Resident students can also purchase DU Dollars if they would like more “flexible spending” to add on to their STAR Card.  Dining Services does close (no dining services options available) a few times each semester: Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break and Easter Break.  Hours are posted in advance. 

  • Gold Star Plan: 21 meals per week (resets each week) and $25 Dining Dollars for the semester
  • Blue Star Plan: 225 meals a semester (declining balance) and $50 Dining Dollars for the semester
  • Silver Star Plan: 160 meals a semester (declining balance) and $275 Dining Dollars for the semester
  • Bronze Star Plan: 120 meals a semester (declining balance) and $575 Dining Dollars for the semester



How can I change my meal plan?
Dining Services offers students a small window at the beginning of each semester to alter meal plans. If you wish to change your request, email it to debkash@dom.edu.

Can I elect to not choose a meal plan?
All resident students must purchase a meal plan while living on campus.

Where can I use my meal plan?
You can utilize your meal plan in the main dining hall or in the Cyber Cafe.

How can I add plan dollars to my account?
You may add plan dollars to your meal plan by visiting Students Accounts on the first floor of Lewis Hall or online. If you pay online, please take your receipt to Student Accounts and complete the form.