Leadership Opportunities

Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders program has been designed to assist freshmen students in learning about their leadership style and ways in which they can develop leadership skills. Through a retreat, workshops, presentations and discussions students will have the chance to meet other student leaders and discuss the tenets of leadership and their relevance in our world. Each student will complete a self assessment and personal reflections that provide information on their leadership style and how their style relates to that of others. For more information on the program, visit the Emerging Leaders site.

Student Organization and Club Sports

Students can be involved in formal leadership positions as officers in our over forty student organizations and club sports. This hands-on leadership experience allows students to develop their leadership skills as they learn how to work with a group, run meetings, manage their time and understand differences. Monthly officer trainings are provided to guide the leadership development of officers. For more information on clubs and organizations, contact Student Involvement at beinvolved@dom.edu. You can also visit https://engagedu.dom.edu.

TORCH Orientation Leaders

Every student has experienced the orientation program available for new and transfer students. A big part of the success of that program is the student leaders who help to make the transition for new students easier. Each Spring, a selection process is held to select orientation leaders for the summer and fall semester. For more information on becoming a TORCH leaders, contact Michael Lango, Director of Student Involvement, at mlango@dom.edu or 708-524-6037.

Resident Assistants and Commuter Assistants

The Office of Residence Life hires Resident Assistants (RAs) to help in the building of community in the residence halls. RAs live on each of the residence hall floors and build relationships with the students living on campus. They serve as role models, assist students and contribute to building a healthy environment through programming, discussions, policy enforcement and leadership opportunities. For more information contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@dom.edu or 708-524-6217. You can also visit the RA site. The application process happens in the Spring semester.

The Office of Student Involvement hires Commuter Assistants (CAs) to help in the building of community among commuter students. CAs plan campus programs such as commuter open forums, focus groups, Commuter Appreciation Days and other events. They write a monthly newsletter for commuter students and maintain the commuter resources website and bulletin boards. CAs are available to help with any commuter student concerns. For more information on becoming a CA, contact the Office of Student Involvement at commuters@dom.edu or 708-524-6458. You can also visit the commuter resources site. The application process happens in the Spring semester.

University Ministry Center

Mission-centered student leadership is at the heart of the work of University Ministry. Students provide vital leadership and pastoral presence in the University Ministry Center, as well as around the university and in the wider community. Whether as part of a year-long commitment or through contributions to a one-time event, our student leaders create engaging and meaningful opportunities to explore faith and spirituality, call our community into commitments of service, solidarity, and justice, lead prayer, guide reflection and sharing, and, following the example of our founder Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli, O.P., “make school as much like home as possible.”

Students with a particular passion or general leadership interest are encouraged to meet with a University Ministry staff person to discuss leadership possibilities that would be right for you. You can contact a staff person to set-up a time to meet, or just drop by the University Ministry Center, MAZZ 298