Strategic Planning Data Inventory

Curated Strategic Planning Data Inventory by Strategic Priority

  • Significantly increase academic persistence and purposeful completion

o   Undergraduate and graduate student Retention and Graduation Rate Reports

o   Subsequent enrollment in graduate school

o   Outcomes after graduation

o   Transfer Admissions Advisory Report, April 2016

o   Undergraduate Experience Working Group Report, June 2016

o   Graduate Student Experience Working Group Report, June 2017

o   Enrollment Resources Sub-Committee Report, April 2017

  • Foster vocational discernment and create professional opportunity

o   Job Placement Report

o   Professional Certification/Licensure Pass Rates Reports

o   Bridge to Career Task Force Report

o   Alumni survey results

o   Career Planning and Placement

o   Alumni Relations Resources

o  Participation rates in internships and other High Impact Practices (HIPs)

o   Specialized accreditation

o   Alumni Data Enhancement Report


  • Build intercultural competence and global citizenship

o   2017 Diverse Learners Environment Survey (DLE) Results

o  2017 IDEALS (Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey)– Time 2 Survey Results

o   CEED Workshop attendance and certifications for staff/faculty

o   Study Abroad data, including evaluations and assessments

o   Intercultural Development Inventory results

o   Global Citizenship Surveys, 2011 and 2014

o   Latinx Visioning Working Group Report, November 2016

o   Latinx Visioning Working Group Update, April 2017

  • Innovate pedagogically and programmatically to maximize our students’ potential

o   Equity Gap metrics

§  Graduation rates by race/ethnicity and gender

§  Academic success indicators by race/ethnicity and gender such as CUM GPA, retention, years to graduate  

  • Raise the University’s name recognition and reputation

o   U.S. News Rankings - Peer and Aspirant Group Comparative Data 2017-2018

o   IERC Rankings - Cornerstones of Student Success Report

Foundational priorities to support strategic success:

  • Build university endowment and financial stability

o   Financial Indicators Tool (FIT)

o   Enrollment trend reports

External Reports;



  • Recruit, support, develop and retain faculty and staff excellence:

o   Faculty Profile

o   Faculty and Staff Trends - 2013-2017

o   Faculty by race/ethnic and gender

o   AAUP Salary comparison

o   % Courses taught by FT Faculty

o   Diversity Search Toolkit

o   2016 Faculty Survey Results

o   Full-time Faculty Task Force Recommendations, April 2015