Enrollment Reports

Enrollment Reports

The reports below provide a summary of enrollment as of the census date, which typically marks the end of the add/drop period for the term. On this day, the college takes a "snapshot" of all student enrollment data, which becomes the "official enrollment" that is used for federal and state reporting and financial aid eligibility.

Fall Term

Fall 2017 Final Enrollment Report
Fall Enrollment Trends, 2013-2017
Fall 2017 Enrollment by Location

Spring Term

Spring 2018 Enrollment Report
Spring Enrollment Trends, 2014-2018

Summer Term I and III

Summer 2018 I and III Enrollment Summary Report

Summer Term II

Summer II 2017 Enrollment Summary

Average Credit Load

Average Credit Load, Fall 2013-Fall 2017

Undergraduate Enrollment by Major/Minor

Combined Majors Report, Fall 2013-Fall 2017
Combined Majors Report, Spring 2018
Fall 2017 Enrollment - First Majors Only
Combined Minors Report, Fall 2013 - Fall 2017

Additional reports, including historical versions of the ones presented here, are available in the OIE document library, accessible to Dominican University community members only.