Writing Lab and Math Clinic

Meet with professional and peer tutors for technical guidance, constructive feedback and reviews of your problem-solving reasoning.

Writing Lab

Dominican undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to seek tutoring support whether you are at the beginnig and seeking to brainstorm and develop ideas, clarify a thesis or plan your tentative outline, or at the end and working on a final draft.

The Writing Lab provides tutoring by appointment. We encourage you to request an appointment via WCOnline. If you need additional assistance, please call (708) 524-6682 or visit the Academic Enrichment Center, room 010 in LL Parmer Hall.

The Writing Lab Staff

Paul Simpson, Academic Enrichment Center Executive Director and Writing Tutor

Bob Greenwald, Tutoring Services Coordinator and Professional Writing Tutor

Jennifer Stockdale, Writing Fellows Coordinator and Professional Writing Tutor

Tim Cook, Professional Writing Tutor

Lauren Godsel, Professional Writing Tutor

Sr. Mary Kremer, Professional Writing and Reading Tutor

Jeanne Popowits, Professional Writing Tutor

Sue Lodgen, Professional Volunteer Writing Tutor


Math Clinic

The Math Clinic provides free professional tutoring for all Dominican students enrolled in mathematics courses or courses for which mathematics work is a required component. 

The Math Clinic provides tutoring by appointment.  We encourage you to request an appointment via WCOnline.  If you need additional assistance please call (708) 524-6682 or visit the Academic Enrichment Center, room 010 in LL Parmer Hall.

The Math Clinic Staff

Yasemin Ersun-Hallsby, Professional Math Tutor

How Online Writing Tutoring Works:

Students must first make an appointment with Bob Greenwald or Jennifer Stockdale during their Online Tutoring hours using WCOnline.  Students will then submit their assignment, one hour before the appointment as an attachment in an email to rgreen@dom.edu or jstockdale@dom.edu. Appointments for assignments 1-4 pages in length should be scheduled for a 30-minute appointment and assignments for 5-8 pages in length should schedule a 60-minute appointment. Please submit your assignment or question(s) to the tutor at least one hour before your scheduled time to ensure that he receives the document before your scheduled appointment. To be clear: this is NOT an online chat forum. The time slot you have reserved will be time for the tutor to read, comment on your work and send the draft back to you with suggestions. At that point, you may send any follow-up questions you want to ask.