Literacy and Learning Tutoring

Literacy and Learning Resources offers tutoring and educational support from our staff of educational professionals, learning specialists, and peer tutors.  You can find all of the following services in Parmer Hall, Suite 010.


An online way to create, modify, and reschedule tutoring appointments. Accessed at,  this site allows students to on or off campus. If you seek tutoring in a subject area that you do not see in the online listings, please email Paul Simpson at For step-by-step directions download a  PDF of instructions.

What Tutors Can Do

In the Math Clinic and in most subjects:

  • Provide strategies for solving problems
  • Prepare students to solve assigned homework or take home test problems independently by reviewing problem solving processes for similar practice problems
  • Review class materials students are struggling to comprehend
  • Review chapters and practice problems in preparation for exams
  • Review pre-requisite material for classes with which students are struggling

In the Writing Lab:

  • Help with any stage of the writing process
  • Help students outline work
  • Help students find, use, and cite research properly
  • Look at and evaluate paragraph unity and flow
  • Make sure that the work reflects the thesis
  • Help students locate errors in grammar and mechanics
  • Work with students on any specific questions that they may have

What Tutors Cannot Do

In all tutoring sessions:

  • Correct or edit work 
  • Ensure that work is perfect
  • Help students with take-home tests, unless given permission by the instructor
  • Do homework or projects for students
  • Give students the answers to homework problems, unless an answer key has been already provided by the instructor
  • Be the instructor: tutoring is meant to be in addition to, not as a replacement of, in-class lectures
  • Cover too much material at once
  • Influence an instructor in any way (Tutors have no say whatsoever in matters of class schedules, syllabus, homework to be assigned, dates of exams, grades, etc.)