Neuroscience Programs


Neuroscience is a broad, diverse field that is rapidly changing and developing. To receive a thorough grounding in the discipline’s major ideas and techniques, all majors complete core coursework and training that includes:

  • Introduction to neuroscience course (Neur 105)
  • Year-long, lab-based sequence in neuroscience that focuses on how to conduct experimental research (Neur 272 and 273)
  • Intensive coursework in biology, chemistry and psychology
  • 3-4 additional electives with content related to neuroscience

Students choose between two tracks in the neuroscience major:

  • Behavioral Neuroscience: This track focuses on the relationships between brain and behavior and is for students interested in the behavioral sciences. As part of their core coursework, students complete two semesters of biology, two semesters of chemistry and three semesters of psychology.
  • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience: This track focuses on the biological aspects of neural function and is for students interested in the health sciences. Students complete two semesters of biology and four semesters of chemistry.

All students in the neuroscience program are encouraged to complete an undergraduate research project. Dominican features three laboratories where neuroscience majors can learn about and conduct experimental research.