Service Learning Testimonials

Changing the world one person at a time

  • “After volunteering at the New-to-You Resale Shop in Broadview, IL, I learned firsthand about the different ways Americans distribute secondhand clothing. Community-based learning was a valuable part of my college education that provided a real world experience that I might not have otherwise had in a classroom setting.”
    APRL 200 Student
    May 2009

  • “The community-based learning project really made the whole course ‘come full circle’ and complete.”
    LAS 175 Student
    December 2008

  • "I really admire the women I helped and assisted. It takes courage to admit that you made a wrong turn in life. It even takes more courage to gather the strength you have and try to aim for that second chance. Working with people that have problems like the women I worked with is very hard. It takes dedication, patience, love, passion and strength to encourage and help gain the capabilities that were lost by drug abuse. I think that it is important to understand the technicalities of your job; but it is more important to learn how to deal with other people who help you do your job."
    Senior Computer Science Major
    May 2004

  • "This experience helped me define my purpose in life. I've grown as a person. The theories from my classes came alive before my very eyes with my clients. I learned I can make a difference in the world. Community-based learning is the best thing I did as a student at Dominican."
    Sociology Major
    May 2002

  • "…Being a big brother mentor to kids is a great experience. … as a mentor you play the role of a leader (in a kid’s life.)"
  • Community-based learning taught me that "we are responsible for each other and in order to make this world a better place, we must give back to the community."
  • "Because of the service, I strengthened my view of wanting to be a teacher."
  • "I want to help make the world a better place now. Perhaps it took me out of my 'bubble.'"
  • "I definitely understand more about diversity. This is a group of people I have not interacted with before and it was an eye-opening experience."
  • "Due to the community-based learning project, I better understand the material presented in this course because no book or lecture would have exposed me to these people."
  • "Through this opportunity, I learned that there are people who are less fortunate and have not been exposed to computer technology. Up until my community-based learning, I always thought that . . . people have the same skill or even more than I have. I was wrong. I now realized that what I know about computers is much more than others, and more than enough to (be able to) teach others. I learned about myself. I have learned my strengths in teaching people…"
    Senior Computer Science Major

From LAS Seminar 153:

  • "I feel that community-based learning gave me a chance to practice my theory and that my own soul and my own well being are intertwined with the service I can give to others. I find it amazing that the time in my week when I felt the clearest was when I was driving back to school after having spent more than two hours tutoring the 5th graders at San Miguel." E.S.
  • "I was taught so much from the kids I helped that I felt like they helped me more than I helped them. I feel like they gave me so much insight in life that I owe them something." A.G.
  • "I was able to see that I could give to my community a certain thing that not all others would be able to do. With those children, I found a part of me that I didn't know. They helped me discover the helpful and compassionate part of me." J.S.