Social Justice & Civic Engagement (SJCE)

This minor encourages students to deepen their civic engagement and service to the community while studying emerging research in the field of social justice. Students will be introduced to the study of service, service leadership, social justice, public ethic, civic engagement, human rights, social change and global pursuit of the common good. In addition, it allows students to analyze and reflect on issues of social justice and injustice as they are experienced in the local community, as well as in the global community, and to develop an ethically responsible personal and cultural stance through significant reflection opportunities in connection with ongoing service learning.

Who might be interested this minor?

  • Students who have a passion for social justice.
  • Students who want to make a difference or are interested in deepening their engagement in the community regardless of their major.
  • Students who are interested in pursuing social work, ministry, law or education.
  • Students who wish to become leaders, entrepreneurs or community organizers.