About Community-based Learning

Community-based learning is a pedagogy that involves students in organized community service, engagement, or research that is directly linked to the curriculum and addresses local community needs. This method of experiential learning provides multiple benefits to the students, including the enhancement of course-related academic skills, further development of critical thinking, personal reflection and social analysis skills, and opportunities for meaningful commitment to and civic engagement with the broader community.

Most Community-based Learning courses are designated in the course schedule by the sentence “Includes off-campus service hours.” These courses involve the entire class in some form of community engagement or service and reflection and fully integrate this service into the learning and understanding of the course content.

Another Community-based Learning option (299) can be self-initiated through an agreement between the professor, the student, and the Community-based Learning office. This option enables students to enhance their learning through civic engagement. This course carries one semester hour of credit. For additional information, contact the Community-based Learning Office.

Community-based Learning

To promote a vital community-based learning program, which is responsive to and enhances the Mission of Dominican University: "to pursue truth, to give compassionate service, and to participate in the creation of a more just and humane world.

Community-based Learning Committee: December 2003

Vision Statement

Community-based Learning is a distinct pedagogy where there is collaboration between the university and community through which students experience community engagement in relationship to course content, develop skills in critical thinking, cross cultural communication, and social analysis, all of which contribute to the university mission to graduate ethical global citizens.

Community-based Learning Objectives

The following are the general learning objectives for all Community-based Learning classes:

  1. Students will articulate the connection between Community-based Learning and the University Mission.
  2. Students will reflect on the impact of the agency on the community and evaluate their contribution to the agency’s mission.
  3. Students will identify connections between Community-based Learning experiences and course content.
  4. Students will synthesize course content with Community-based Learning activities through personal and group reflections.
  5. Students will be able to describe similarities and differences between themselves and the culture and community served by their agency.
  6. Students will be able to explain how their course material may be used to engage with and demonstrate commitment to the broader community.