Binyamin Jones ’07 hailed as a hero after saving a man's life


June 23, 2017

Binyamin Jones ’07 is being hailed as a hero after saving a man who suffered a massive heart attack on a basketball court. Binyamin, a 7-year veteran of the Chicago police force, was playing in an open gym. Without Binyamin there, the 53-year-old man might not be alive. Doctors say the man is only alive because of Binyamin's actions, who says he is "always on duty."

"I noticed that his eyes started rolling back, and he was taking very deep and heavy breaths, and at that point, my training and instincts kind of kicked in, and I started CPR. It was pretty strenuous, but my adrenaline was kicking in. It was in the moment so, I didn’t really feel it. It was instinctual. I did what I could, I did what I was trained to do, what I knew to do," Binyamin said.

Binyamin attended Dominican from 2003-07 and played basketball for the Stars. He was a starter for three years, playing in 105 games. During his time at Dominican, he was the Midnight Madness slam dunk champion three times.

Binyamin is married to alumnae RoJenia (Judkins) Jones ’07, PhD, who won the 2017 African/African American Heritage Award.

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