Selecting a Major

Choosing a major field of study is a big step. Some students arrive at Dominican knowing exactly what they want to study. Others consider choosing a major late in their fourth semester because they have multiple interest and they are unable to make up their minds.

In most cases, this latter approach is fine. College should be a time for academic exploration and experimentation. In fact, the university has even created a broad core curriculum to ensure that all students are exposed to new and challenging ideas and academic disciplines, regardless of what major they eventually choose.

But some degree programs must operate with a narrower focus due to their many requirements. In these cases, maintaining a razor-sharp focus on required coursework will be an important part of academic success. It will also help you graduate on a timely basis.

Some programs that require earlier planning include:

If you are interested in any of these programs, consult your academic advisor immediately upon arrival at Dominican. You’ll need to maintain close contact with your advisor as you move through your program, and so you can verify that your progress remains on track.

Start reading the Undergraduate Bulletin as soon as possible after you decide to attend Dominican University. The more familiar you are with the university’s majors and programs, the more likely you are to find your ideal academic fit.

Overview of Majors
Dominican has carefully constructed more than 50 majors and programs, an impressive range for a small university.

To get you started, each department has prepared a brief overview of its majors. Once you’re ready for more details about majors that interest you, be sure to visit the majors and programs page. Each page contains program, career and student information, as well as the latest course descriptions and graduation requirements.

Majors Expo
Each Spring, Dominican holds its annual Majors and Minors Expo. Each of the university’s departments and programs has a faculty representative available to answer students’ questions about what life is like in a particular major. All freshmen should plan to attend the Majors and Minors Expo during their first year. Sophomores who have not yet declared their major should plan on going, too, as well as any student who is considering changing their major.