Academic Advising

Sensitive, informed academic advising is essential for any well-rounded undergraduate experience. As a leading Catholic university, Dominican takes this responsibility very seriously. The university’s faculty and staff works to provide each student with the support needed to create a thoughtful, challenging and successful curriculum.

Part of the university’s advising responsibility is to ensure that students are asking the right questions.

“What courses do I have to take?” may seem like the optimal starting point of the student/advisor relationship. Ideally, the required courses question comes much later in the advising process. A skilled advisor will guide the student to ask more basic—and more meaningful—questions before focusing on course requirements. For example:

  • Why am I at Dominican?
  • What subjects excite me?
  • What subjects do I want to study? Why?
  • What subjects should I study? Why?
  • How will my coursework help me reach my academic, personal and professional goals?

What We Do

Here at Dominican, we guide our students through the advising process from the moment they attend student orientation until graduation. We begin the process with:

  • Intensive academic advising during SOAR, Dominican’s summer freshman orientation program.
  • Multiple advising appointments throughout the year provide more opportunities for each student to make appropriate academic choices and begin formulating long-term goals. Student Academic Focus Reports are fundamental to student’s success because they provide opportunities to catch problems, offer constructive feedback, and reinforce new students’ solid academic performance at mid-semester. They track students’ academic progress (good or bad) to help foster successful completion of their courses.
  • Once the student declares a major, the major department chair assigns the student to a faculty advisor from the department. This advisor typically oversees the student’s academic growth until graduation.