Honors Courses

Honors Seminars Courses (HNSM)

Honors Seminars are open only to students admitted to the university Honors Program. 

Honors students will complete the honors seminars to fulfill the liberal arts and sciences core curriculum seminars requirement. The four honors seminars form the heart of the honors by coursework program. Students take one each year, choosing among several offerings that reflect faculty members’ expertise and interests. While the form and substance of the honors seminars are subject to approval and change by the Honors committee, current seminar topics are: 

These topics transcend traditional disciplines and majors to help participants integrate their knowledge with their life experiences. Students and faculty alike are guided and challenged by authors like Plato, Shakespeare and Dostoevsky, as well as more contemporary thinkers.

Recent senior seminars contributed to Welcome Packs, a service that provides goods and tutoring for refugees coming to Chicago, and organized a fund-raiser for Heshima Kenya - a refuge for girls at risk in Kenya. 

Additionally, each honors student may be eligible to take one or more honors seminars taught by the Lund-Gill Chair, a notable visiting scholar.

Other Honors Courses

In addition to the honors seminars, we offer several other honors level courses.