Suggested Courses

We've included a list of recommended courses which are offered at Dominican University and will add to your appreciation of your study abroad experience. Some of these courses are recommended for students participating in any of the study abroad programs; some courses are recommended for a specific study abroad program.

General Courses

All STA courses
BAD 255 International Business
BAD 351 International Marketing
COMM 321 Intercultural Communications
ECON 376 International Economics
HIST 111/112 World History
POSC 240 International Relations
POSC 250 Comparative Politics

All STA courses except China:
ART 293 Medieval Art
APP 360/361 History of Dress
HIST 152 The Atlantic World 1400-1880

Courses by Location

All Latin American STA courses
Buenos Aires, El Salvador, Venezuela, Cuernavaca

All Spanish courses
APP 200 Cultural Perspectives in Dress
HIST 328 Latin American U.S. Relations
HIST 241 Colonial Latin America
HIST 242 Modern Latin America
HIST 315 Latin American Revolutions
HIST 244 Latin American Women
HIST 329 Caudillos and Dictators in Latin America
SOC 302 Sociology of Development
SOC 204 Latin America Today

All European STA courses
Florence, Limerick, London, Literary London,
Milan, Nantes, Paris, Rome, Salamanca

ARTH 190/191 History of Art
ARTH 293 Medieval Art
APP 360/361 History of Dress
HIST 101/102 History of Western Civilization
HIST 293 European National States in Crisis
HIST 294 Post-War Europe, 1945 to the Present
HIST 332 Social World of the Renaissance
HIST 371 Work, Family and Gender
HIST 372 European Popular Culture
HIST 388 European Thought and Art 1800-Present
POSC 348 The Politics of Europe
THEA 392 Modern Drama

Florence STA course:
All Italian courses
All Studio Art and/or Photography courses
ART 323 Renaissance Art
MFL 275 Dante’s Inferno

Limerick STA course:
ENG 248 Modern Irish Literature
THEO 369 Celtic Spirituality

London and Literary London STA courses:
ENG 226 King Arthur: From Myth to Fiction
ENG 247 (LL London)
ENG 260 English Drama
ENG 261 Shakespeare’s Romantic Couples
ENG 262 Shakespeare’s Tragic Families
ENG 270 The English Essay
ENG 274 Introduction to English Studies
ENG 284 The English Novel
ENG 290 Modern British Fiction
ENG 292 Modern Drama
ENG 293 Modern Poetry
ENG 306 Medieval Literature
ENG 310 Non-Dramatic Lit. of 16th Century
ENG 316 17th Century English Lit.
ENG 317 Restoration and 18th Century British Lit
ENG 322 19th Century British Lit.
ENG 326 20th Century British Lit.
ENG 354 Chaucer
ENG 358 Shakespeare
HIST 323 England in the Tudor Stuart Period
HIST 217 Modern Britain and Empire 1714-Present
POSC 230 Shakespeare’s Politics
POSC 255 British Politics
THEO 369 Celtic Spirituality

Milan STA course:
All Italian courses

Nantes STA course:
All French courses

Paris STA course:
All Apparel courses
All French courses

Rome STA course:
All Italian Courses
ARTH 323 Renaissance Art in Southern Europe
HIST 262 The Roman World

Salamanca STA course:
All Spanish courses

Salzburg STA course:
All German courses
ARTH 325 Renaissance Art in Northern Europe
HIST 385 Nazism and the Holocaust

China STA course: ASIA
HIST 213 Modern China since 1830
POSC 263 China: Mao to Reform
POSC 317 Non-Western Political Thought
THEO 376 Asian Religions

Ghana and South Africa STA courses
APP 200 Cultural Perspectives in Dress
HIST 208 Pre-Colonial Africa
HIST 280 Colonial Africa
HIST 380 Contemporary Africa
HIST 390 Atlantic Africa
HIST 391 Apartheid in South Africa
PHIL 200 African and African-American Thought
POSC 264 Politics in Africa
POSC 317 Non Western Political Thought
SOC 302 Sociology of Globalization and Development
THEO 277 African-American Religious Experience/Theology