Ongoing Support


As with all freshmen, the freshman academic advisor for Transitions students is their freshman seminar instructor. Students also receive additional, secondary advising from the Director of the Transitions program. Upon declaring their major (usually in the second semester of freshman year), students are assigned a new advisor by the appropriate department or program. However, the Director of the Transitions program remains available to all Transitions students for secondary advising throughout their enrollment at Dominican.


Each Transitions student will be assigned a peer mentor who has successfully completed the program. Some peer mentors are Dominican graduates who continue to give back to the university by working in the program. Peer mentors meet with first-year students regularly throughout the year for a variety of organized and informal social activities.


The Academic Resource Center offers individualized tutoring sessions in English, math, and other subjects. In addition, the Transitions program and the AEC work together to organize group tutoring sessions that provide extra support in math.


Eric Orozco enrolled at Dominican through the Transitions Program in 2006, served as a mentor in the program for three years, and graduated in May 2010. He was then accepted to John Marshall Law School. He says, “The Transitions Program has been a great help to many of my classmates and has opened many doors for me as a student here at Dominican. The program inspires incoming freshmen to look forward and is a great source for getting acquainted with the university and its excellent programs and resources.” Eric continues to work in the Transitions Program as one of our “graduate mentors.”

Eduardo Ramirez, who entered the program in 2010, also serves as a peer mentor. As a senior, he spent spring semester in Washington, D.C., working and studying at the Washington Internship Institute. He believes that the routine of the summer classes helped him “get into shape” so that he felt prepared when the first semester of his college career began.