A parking permit can be purchased for $100.00 for Resident Students, $50.00 for Commuter Students and $50.00 for Faculty or Staff. Payments can be made online with a debit or credit card or in person with cash or check at Student Accounts. For persons who frequently drive a second car to campus you can purchase a second parking sticker for half price.

You must bring a copy of your receipt to the Security Office with your completed permit application.

In order to receive a vehicle sticker, you must show proof of ownership (i.e. insurance card) valid driver’s license, and proper vehicle information including vehicle make, model, and license plate number. Stickers will not be sold without all information properly documented. Stickers must be affixed to the lower front windshield, on the driver’s side.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. The first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters, the Campus Safety and Security Office will have extended hours to better accommodate students’ needs. During this time the office will be open Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM until 7:00PM and Fridays from 8:00AM until 4:00PM.

The vehicle sticker authorizes the vehicle to park on campus but it does not guarantee a parking spot.

The University has 3 main parking lots and a parking garage on the Main Campus with additional designated areas at the Priory Campus. There is some restricted parking on campus. The designated parking areas, sticker color and restrictions are as follows:

Orange: Faculty/Staff—There are 2 faculty/staff designated areas. These are located in front of the Fine Arts building and in the West lot across from the library. These restricted areas are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Red: Main Campus Residents—The main campus residents are highly encouraged to park in the East lot closest to the Coughlin Commons area. Overnight parking is only permitted in the East and Greenfield lots.

Teal: Priory Residents and ELS students—The priory residents and ELS students, will park in the designated area at the Priory.

Yellow: All commuter students—Spaces for commuter students make up a bulk of the spaces on campus. Commuters are highly encouraged to park in the parking garage or the West lot. Red/Brown stickers are not allowed in faculty/staff areas. Overnight parking from 2:00AM to 6:00AM is prohibited.