Partners in Sustainability

Departmental Green Initiatives

  • Go Green, Print Lean: The printers on campus now use a log-in system so users can select which documents they need to print. In addition, the printers also print double sided.
  • The Physical Plant uses recycled content in building materials whenever possible. Recycling bins are provided around campus to divert recyclable items from the landfill.
  • The Library recycles books and donates them to Better World Books.
  • Information Technology recycles all computers, printers, cartridges and equipment.
  • Filtered tap water coolers were installed in offices on campus to eliminate the need for bottled water coolers.
  • The pilot office composting program helps divert food waste from landfills.

Contracted Companies

  • Being environmentally responsible is a commitment we take seriously. Providing great tasting food is our passion, but it takes a lot of energy (not to mention water, gas, and waste). Dominican University Dining Services is committed to operating as sustainably as possible. That means local purchasing (items grown or raised within a 150-mile radius of River Forest, IL, recycling, purchasing sustainably fished seafood, using biodegradable and compostable disposables, taking water and energy saving measures throughout the foodservice operation, and composting (where possible).
  • The Stepan bookstore, run by Follett, recycles textbooks and offers students the option of renting textbooks or buying used books. The store also offers environmentally friendly products and clothing that is made under fair labor guidelines. For more information, visit the Follett sustainability website.
  • Kimco, the maintenance provider, uses green cleaning supplies.
  • Jones Lang LaSalle completed a survey and data collection on Dominican's energy and sustainability services.